Digital Rhetoric

what is it & how is it relevant to the reader

Rhetoric is the age-old art of persuasion that uses specific speaking techniques to inform, motivate, or influence particular audiences in specific situations. It’s the foundation laid out by pre-Socratic philosophers and has evolved over the years. Effective persuasion relies on rhetoric and it’s worked for so long that it continues to work for us.

It Makes You Better

What you say and how you say it are equally important. The efficacy of a message is mutually dependent on both the content and the context. At Post Scriptum, our content converts because we communicate the value you offer in the most relevant and receptive ways to your consumer. Whether you want to increase engagement, session duration, Google rank, traffic, or brand awareness, we use rhetoric to create and delegate the right content for your chosen KPIs.

The Rhetorical Trinity

We use these three variables when designing, creating, and executing your content/campaigns to convert based on your desired key performance indicators.


Appeals to: Ethics
What it does: Gets your audience to trust you
How: By establishing personal credentials


Appeals to: Pity
What it does: Gets your audience to feel specific emotions
How: By inspiring an emotional response


Appeals to: Logic
What it does: Gets your audience to think rationally
How: Explaining through reason and facts

Getting Personal: The art of sales is personal, and it isn’t any different online. We understand your audience – who they are, what they believe in, what they need – to allow you to speak directly with them. We search for the individual idiosyncrasies that make your brand distinct to compose clickable content.

Research & Results: The nuance of your brand story is the collective sum of words chosen and omitted, and we combine search engine optimization tactics with market research for the right wording. We understand that your brand shouldn’t just exist online, it should be received directly by its target audience. That extra mile consists of analyzing the current market, your competition’s place in it, and how your consumer navigates it.

Art + Science: Equals success. The intention of words, their presentation, and their reception are the key variables that turn ideas into a product, into profit. As information architects, we combine art and science to initiate interfacing with potential and existing users to increase ROI.

Goal-Hitting Content
That Walks the Talk

The current content marketing industry delivers copywriting more like a product and less like a service. Our content is not a single piece of work, it’s the sum of relevant research, audience understanding, and competitive analysis. We research, design, and write in line with your business goals to guarantee audience reception and digital optimization, because we believe every word counts.